Health professionals and educators participate in Little Kids Learning Languages workshop

Health professionals and educators participated in the Little Kids learning Languages workshop and launch of the Little Kids’ Word List. We discussed what we’ve done so far, some things we’ve learned, and plans for what to do next.

The Little Kids’ Word List is ready to use!

Go to: The Little Kids’ Word List The Little Kids’ Word List is a fun way to see which words children know and say in Eastern & Central Arrernte, Warlpiri and English. It was developed from talking with families and recording the words people say to little kids. It will be helpful for families andContinue reading “The Little Kids’ Word List is ready to use!”

Talking to people about the Little Kids’ Word List

Vanessa and Carmel have presented about the Little Kids’ Word List at the Australian National University Culture and Language Education Symposium (Nov 25, 2021), and the Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference, in a symposium about Australian Indigenous Children’s Languages (Dec 3, 2021). It looks like lots of people are interested in learning about the wordsContinue reading “Talking to people about the Little Kids’ Word List”

We’ve tried out the Little Kids’ Word List!

We’ve now tried out the Little Kids Word List with the parents of 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys. We tried out the word list for kids aged 1 – 1 & 1/2, and aged 2-4. It worked well! There are a few things we need to fix and the app developer is workingContinue reading “We’ve tried out the Little Kids’ Word List!”

Trying out the Little Kids Word List!

The online Little Kids Word List is being tried out with families! The word list is nearly ready to be used by families and health and education people. Before it’s ready, we’re trying it out to make sure that it’s easy to use, fun to use, and that parents think that the words in itContinue reading “Trying out the Little Kids Word List!”

Talks about the Little Kids Word List

The Little Kids Learning Languages team have been talking with interested groups about the Little Kids’ Word List we are developing. We have talked with the teams at Desert Therapy and Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Family Partnership Program. We presented a paper at the Knowledge Intersections Symposium at the Desert Knowledge Precinct.