Why talk about picture books?

We know that reading books is important, but these books don’t have any written words. Why not?

Adults and children love to tell and listen to stories, and they love to talk about picture books. Using books with no written words has some advantages:

  • Everyone can tell their own version of the story, they don’t have to stick to someone else’s story.
  • The story-tellers can choose their own words and their own way of telling the story.
  • Every story is the right way to tell it – there is no wrong way to tell it.
  • Both the adults and the children, even very young children, can be involved in telling the story.
  • Everyone tells a very similar story, so we can easily compare the words and structures different people use to tell the stories.

We’ve found that The Monster Story (the front page is pictured here) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VWlE5G7o6QNjF8ojXXPCQLWO6Ho7UwWz/view?usp=sharing is very popular with all ages.

The Monster Story, front page.

The children like The Guitar Story too. Click the links to see each story. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B6jZE3RRJYN8UANk_0oDQhdlNXchCBSF/view?usp=sharing

The guitar story, front page.

If you’d like to see more picture books like these contact us.

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