Summer Research Scholars contribute to our project

Summer Research Scholars at the Australian National University spent their summer (2022 – 2023) contributing to our project.

L to R: Back: Emily Gilchrist, Bronwyn Wood, Natalie Parker, Larissa Shihoff, Shubo Li, Carmel O’Shannessy, Nic Mezrani, Luke Kenny
  • They added technical linguistic labels to the words in the recordings, for Warlpiri and English (e.g. verb, noun, preposition, etc.)
  • They identified which Warlpiri sounds children can say clearly at each age, e.g. at 12 months, 24 months, 3 years, and so on
  • They added in labels to show where adults and children use their hands and their bodies when they’re communicating, called multimodal interaction
  • They learned about child development in other languages, and about policies about Indigenous languages and early childhood education in Australia
  • They created some illustrations for us to use in the project.
Image by Nic Mezrani 2023

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