Why talk about picture books?

We know that reading books is important, but these books don’t have any written words. Why not? Adults and children love to tell and listen to stories, and they love to talk about picture books. Using books with no written words has some advantages: Everyone can tell their own version of the story, they don’tContinue reading “Why talk about picture books?”

Is baby talk good for my baby?

Baby talk, or infant-directed speech, is a way of talking to very young children that is different from how adults talk to other adults. Many cultures in the world, but not all, have a special way of talking to babies and young children. Sometimes families worry about using baby talk, because they think it willContinue reading “Is baby talk good for my baby?”

Will learning two languages make my child confused?

No! More people in the world speak two or more languages than one language. Learning two or more languages has lots of benefits. Young children’s brains are like amazing computers. They learn a lot very quickly. For example: At birth, babies can distinguish between two languages that are quite different, e.g. Japanese & English AtContinue reading “Will learning two languages make my child confused?”